I'll Swing My Hammer With Both My Hands

by Cahalen Morrison & Eli West

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released February 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Cahalen Morrison & Eli West Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Fiddlehead Fern
Fiddlehead fern on the back, on the heel
Oaks they sway to the breeze of my tune
It makes the sound so much sweeter about you
They go waltzing after midnight, around noon

Downy green, sew a pillow for my mind
Norway Pine, carve a boat for I can sail
Fly on back over the valleys down bellow
I can't wink without dreaming about you

Pipers run the ever-lapping salt sea
Hunting digs fill back up with water green
The path is wrote, only to be washed clean
Under the living, breathing water unseen
Track Name: Livin' in America
I'll swing my hammer with both my hands, I'll swing my hammer in the glory land
I'll get in bed to go to sleep at night and I'll get up come the morning light.

Livin' in America, dressed all well to do.
Livin' in America, we all read the Rocky Mountain News

I pull my boots on right when I leave home, I get slicked up with my pocket comb
Wouldn't trade a Clipper trot for a motor car, but I would my left leg for an old guitar

The breakman's singin' in a cloud of smoke, my daddy got broken but the mare's done broke
Hank is on the radio achin' blue and I would if I could take a little chance on you.
Track Name: Pocket Full of Dust
Toe to toe we were dancing in my sleep
But face to face we weren't dancing cheek to cheek
I'll wait a minute it a lifetime if I must
If I had a nickle, I'd have a pocket full of dust

If I had a dollar to my name I wouldn't sing my pity song
And if I had a heart that wouldn't break I'd rise the bright and early dawn

My love's a sparrow, she weaves a blazing thread
She flies in crimson when the sky is burning red
She sharpens like an arrow as the evening turns to rust
If I had a nickel, I'd have a pocket full of dust

From now on I'll hold my candle good and high
The dancing shadows they make the darkness come to life
I'll hold a picture of the one that holds my trust
If I had a nickel, I'd have a pocket full of dust
Track Name: Anxious Rows
The orchards stand in anxious rows, retreat from the sky
Hare and fowl both good in broth, from the ground good taters pried

Take a shovel to the walk or like Ma use a broom
Flutters flurry downward slow, like the past, world's covered soon

Harvest has gone swiftly by, time to root on down
Just like last year, this year's here and away it quickly bounds
Track Name: James is Out
My momma's got an overcoat that's nice and long and warm and woolen
She goes to the baker, but she don't get her none down there
Because she bakes a meaner biscuit that nobody can prepare

My daddy's got a hat that sits right down between his ears right on his noggin
He goes to the cooper, but he don't get him none down there
Because he cuts and steams and bends 'em like nobody can compare

James is out in the pasture and he's gettin' into somethin'
James is out in the pasture and God knows he's gettin' into somethin'
He goes to the farrier, but he don't get him none down there
Because he packs a better barefoot that no mule would ever dare

Old rabbit's got ears that hang all down his back straight to his haunches
Old rabbit's got ears that hang all down his back, can't be for hearin', to his haunches
He goes to the thicket, but he don't get him none down there
Because he hops a better two step than no Texas man could bare
Track Name: Natural Thing to Do
Go on and tell me you don't love me anymore
Go on and hurt me like you hurt me before
I'll find a reason to look away when you're untrue
'Cause I love you, It's the natural thing to do

No matter how you treat me, I'll stand the test
Until you see this love of mine stands out from all the rest
I'll be there to mend the pieces when he breaks your heart in two
'Cause I love you, it's the natural thing to do

If we could only just relive old yesterdays
When love was blooming like the flowers that bloom in May
I'm just wishin' for the things that can't come true
'Cause I love you, it's the natural thing to do
Track Name: Down In The Lonesome Draw
The fire it stands a blazing wick, the smoke it pours out honey thick
Down in the lonesome draw, the moon's all snared in midnight's jaws
The Kingdom of the great prairie, it's home to you and home to me
Born in waiting, hem and haw, shattered like ol' Dempsey's jaw.

The Railroad men go pushing west, a scar laid out on mother's breast
What brings liquor and what brings gold, bears the young and saves the old
It's a short time here and a long time gone, the workmen sing the people's song
Down in the lonesome draw, the sun it bakes the rawhide raw

If you don't like Dodge you can always go to Abilene
I hear the gettin's plenty and the grass is always green
Or you could always head to Kansas City where they pave all of their roads
But the vices flow like the Ohio and the Governor's on parole

My heart lies on a high plateau, the Texas bull stands lowing low
River's meant to separate but it just unites the Border state
No one still can understand what life is like int he Border land
And here's to the great expanse, where everyday is a poisonous dance
Track Name: Off The Chama
Off the Chama I was born and raised,
and by the dry bed spent most my days.
My mother she taught me the letter
My father he drove wielding strings of brown leather.

Though master of field mice and the governor of crows,
My kingdom like all did dissolve,
For my age it turned over and over again
And I spied a true kingdom my heart did demand

She’s bright as the moon-glow and quick as a cat,
her eyes like a quarry of stone,
And under her bosom was a true beating heart,
mine rattled my breastbone a as a prisoner of war

And as the cruel world it turns still in its place
my love swept by the river of sorrow away
for there was work needed in yon distant land,
and like every migrant not a chance did she stand.

So I took to the orchards and hay fields of north,
picked peaches and swung a bent sickle all day,
my back it grew weary and my eyes they grew dim,
For the fruit of each blossom and the bend in each stem
only echoed her praises to me

So I looked to the water to make up my pay,
A skipper right down mighty Yakima’s shores
Down Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco way,
But each day I thought of her more

So I took to the timber to keep on my way,
Knocking logs to Big Sandy to roll on away,
But there in each ring, and each needle her face,
I returned to my home with her memory did race.

As I rode up in the window I stared,
two hands like a flutter of doves,
Long flowing locks like the girl I had loved,
swung loose in the frame as from heaven above

She said “I’ve been waiting for seven long years,
I slipped back by the cover of night”
My parents I left but my true love had gone,
But believed your return would come once for all.

She’s bright as the moon-glow and quick as a cat,
her eyes like a quarry of stone,
And under her bosom was a true beating heart,
mine rattled my breastbone a as a prisoner of war

And as the cruel world turns still in its place,
One pardon was granted to me,
Though sickness and death do accompany grace,
My love does accompany me.
Track Name: Lorene
Lorene, Lorene write me a letter, answer the last one that I wrote to you
Lorene, I hope you're still waiting but your last letter is way overdue
I know many times you have started to write, darlin' I wonder what's taking your time
Lorene you seem to be near me but your last letter is way overdue

Lorene, stop me from hurting all it would take is a letter from you
Lorene, you said I could trust you but your last letter is way overdue
If you've found another since I've been away, don't let me return for it's best that I stay
Lorene, I feel I have lost you for your last letter is way overdue
Track Name: Green Pastures
Troubles and trials often betray those
On in the weary body to stray
But we shall walk beside the still waters
With the Good Shepherd leading The Way

Going up home to live in green pastures
Where we shall live and die never more
Even The Lord will be in that number
When we shall reach that Heavenly Shore

Those who have strayed were sought by The Master
He who once gave His life for the sheep
Out on the mountain still He is searching
Bringing them in forever to keep

We will not heed the voice of the stranger
For he would lead us to despair
Following on with Jesus our savior
We shall all reach that country so fair
Track Name: Sinner, Come Home
Lost men head toward water, and found men head toward god
Ashen skies fall crumbled and the frozen winters lay thawed

Thunder crashes over me and lightning pierces high
Cracks wide open that heavenly boundary, through pieces of the sky

I hope that its peace I find
Let those troubles burn out of your worried mind
Sinner, come on home

Trials and tribulations, won't you nail them to the wall
The stiffest limb will bend and mighty mountains they surely will fall

Cary that flame on over, there's peace on the other side
Lost men fall and weaken but I outlast that feeble tide
Track Name: Voices of Evening
Voices of evening, voices of night
Hold me and calm me til morning's gray light
Til the chains that bind me fall to the ground
My spirit shall soar and I will be found

Voices of evening, voices of night
Blessings on those who have finished the fight
And praises for all who have felt of the sky
Remember this woman who yet cannot fly

Voices of evening, voices of night
Whisper to me of a world of delight
Oh, open these eyes that in death must be closed
And let me see peace and truth finally unfold